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Who wants to make Spirit Science?

2015-10-18 20:31:03 by RiverJordan

Alright, so this is just a shot in the dark here. 

Spirit Studios is having its first ever open community "internship" opportunity for a few 2D animators to work for a few months on a new Spirit Science projects. The opportunity may also lead to a full-time position in 2016.

I'm looking for someone(s) who have the free time to sink at least several hours a day into our shared creative endeavors, but more importantly, someone who is passionate and excited to make cartoons about the universe and the nature of consciousness, and "stuff" otherwise outside of the realm of what modern society considers "normal".

If you're interested in talking about it more, send me a PM. I'll do my best to respond to everyone in a timely manner. 

Thanks again! 

With love,


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2015-10-18 21:09:55

About time. Dubious message of the videos aside, your animation has gotten incredibly ugly.
They're basically slideshows of stolen google images.

RiverJordan responds:

I'm not going to defend myself. I have ridiculously large ambitions and like making cartoons that are in the 10+ minute range. The nature of Spirit Science is educational and in order to produce more than 1 per year i've had to stretch things a bit.

Thus, I agree. It is about time :)


2015-10-20 14:15:47

Can I help you make the next kingdom hearts chronicles instead? :3

RiverJordan responds:

Once i get some of this other stuff off of my plate, i would be stoked to do that with you


2015-11-06 01:34:37

Wouldn't that be awesome. Good luck to any potential animators.


2016-07-16 18:12:23

See my ermetic work


2016-10-13 09:17:10

test object - lets try and be positieve. If you have notthing good to say, just keep it to yourself - The cartoons are awesome, but more importanly its the message the cartoon conveys, and not the quality of the cartoon that matters. They could verywell be stik men drawn with pencils and crayons, but if the message satys the same and true - I will always watch

Namaste - Ase