A scientific theory for your consideration

2013-12-21 18:36:22 by RiverJordan

Hey there!  Today i posted a brand new Spirit Science video, you can watch it from here

The God Particle. You’ve probably heard talk about that for a number of years now, with the Higgs Boson discovery or the Large Hadron Collider’s constant smashing of tiny-things together… or maybe you just watched it in The Big Bang Theory.

What we’ve been looking for with the God Particle is the Particle that connects everything else. Many were hoping it was the higgs boson, and as I described in a recent blog about this, finding the Higgs was important, but it wasn’t the “God Particle”, it didn’t really connect any of the dots, and certainly took a lot of the magic out of the discovery.

A year or two ago I met Michael Evans, who shared with me his theories and ideas about what “The God Particle” meant to him. He shared his diagrams and images with me of the Trion-Re, and all of his Breathing Solids… and it blew my mind. I wanted to share it, but most importantly, I wanted to do it right.

If this information about the God Particles are true, then this could very well be one of the most exciting and biggest discoveries on the planet!

If you'd like to learn more, please check out the video above. If you'd like even more information, i've written some blogs about it on my website. You can read about it there and get a feel for what i'm talking about :)

Have a great day,  

With love, Jordan



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2013-12-21 20:29:47

When you say "What we’ve been looking for," are you implying that you're a scientist?


2013-12-21 21:38:56

i imagine he means "What we (mankind) have been looking for".


2013-12-21 23:51:50

Another home run! Great work! Just wondering if you could add the music links to the Credits and Info part of the submission page. Our Audio Portal has been so ignored as of late :(

RiverJordan responds:

Yes!! I completely forgot thank you for mentioning it!!


2013-12-23 02:06:14

It honestly amazes me that people still harass you about this. I woulda figured that at least on Newgrounds people would get the idea that everything you say is mostly for consideration-purposes only and not meant to be cold-hard fact.


2013-12-23 11:51:14

This makes me so happy that there are young people out there looking at things that will make it a better world. I am a retired teacher and a child with concern about my Mother Earth. I love your mind and want to follow everything you do.


2014-04-02 05:34:07

I hope you'll be able to attend Pico Day this year; I was so under the weather last year, I never had a chance to introduce myself :( Thanks for constantly and consistently asking and answering the questions of life, the Universe and everything!


2014-12-06 12:30:35

you're a scam artist, you fucking jew.