Do you believe in Aliens?

2013-05-14 15:43:34 by RiverJordan


2 weeks ago, I went to the Newgrounds Pico Day party! It was fucking awesome :D I had such a great time meeting up with everyone, old friends, new friends, and of course... everyone else! :P

At one part in the evening, I had a conversation with Jeff (johnnyutah) about ET's, UFO's, and Ancient Aliens. I can't speak for Jeff, but by the end of the conversation he seemed a little more open to the possibility that they were real.

Of course, just speaking from what i've seen and believe, I like to believe in the possibility, and considering the evidence it seems more and more likely every day ~ I don't want to speak in absolutes though, simply bringing it to our awareness and finding people to share it with and talk about it with is a lot of fun for me.

Today i wanted to share something cool with you, recently a documentary came out called 'Sirius' which is all about CSETI and the Disclosure Project, led by scientist Dr. Steven Greer, who has spent many many years researching and trying to communicate with ET's.

The most interesting thing about it is the connection between advanced propulsion technologies for inter-stellar travel (think Star-Trek when they discovered Warp Drive), as well as Free Energy Technology, and the controlling powers which are currently dominating our world for Oil, Money, and Resources.

It's a really brilliant movie, and provides a lot of evidence to support the UFO phenomenon.

I've shared the movie on my Website, which you can check out here.And share your feedback as well, i'm interested in seeing the response from everyone on here!

Much love guys! Have a good one :)

Do you believe in Aliens?


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2013-05-14 16:23:58

I definitely believe that aliens exist out there somewhere; I just find it highly unlikely that they would have visited us here on our little blue rock.

It would be pretty silly to assume we're the only ones in this universe, but on the other hand interstellar travel is really fucking hard and if any are space-faring there would only be precious few.

RiverJordan responds:

What if space faring was easy for everyone else but us?


2013-05-14 16:27:29

How can I not believe in Aliens? Awesome series. Sadly the game was a disappointment, but eh.

O wait


2013-05-14 18:39:44

We have all come from realms beyond Earth before it even existed, regardless of whether or not we can remember. We have been another form before, somewhere else, and are this form here and now.
Only an idiot would insist that such forms could not exist elsewhere now too.

Alien is more of a fallacy when it comes right down to it. We are aliens to Earth and anywhere we go all the time. Humans draw the meaningless lines in the sands of space and time.

The human race has been held back and severely crippled; were it not for entities such as the Catholic church, we would have already been traveling through space and then some long ago.


2013-05-14 19:30:15

Yes, and they're coming for our jobs. :P


2013-05-14 20:25:15

Yes, I believe in aliens. You've mentioned it before in the SS series, but the fact that we can't recreate the pyramids with today's technology suggests that the egyptians surely couldn't have. Also, where are you right now? It doesn't seem like you've had any kind of update in a long time.


2013-05-14 21:12:48

People who scoff at the idea of believing in Aliens gives me a bad feeling.. especially because its most people I've encountered. How can you not believe in the possibility of Aliens? I don't read much about it. But I do think its possible, and more than likely in some way shape or another.


2013-05-14 21:41:54

The 'Sirius' trailer looked quite compelling, more so than any other documentary on the subject.
Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet Pico Day, I was running on fumes, thanks to a severe tooth abscess, but hope to see you in 2014, God willing :)


2013-05-14 21:53:21

i want to believe


2013-05-14 23:06:05

Very likely they exist but no reason to think they've made any kind of contact yet. It would be world reknowned news.


2013-05-14 23:36:28

Interestingly, I just started reading Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson, which is a biographical account of various things including receiving telepathic communications from Sirius.


2013-05-15 00:29:49

Yes. Considering how large our universe is, I find it impossible that Earth is the only planet with intelligent life.

Once we find another planet with plenty of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, some sort of life is possible, no matter how small.


2013-05-15 03:53:56

Kind of, it's possible that they exist but I don't know, we don't have any evidence.


2013-05-15 08:23:08

jordan you crazy guy.


2013-05-15 13:48:13



2013-05-15 23:03:35

To truly believe we are the only ones in the galaxy is a massive narcissistic viewpoint.
Says Michio Kaku.

In the Mass Effect book series, it describes how humanity's views on racism and various other discriminations ended shortly only a few years after making first contact. Then it was human racism against alien racism.

Kaiden Alenko once said, "Aliens are no different than us, there are jerks and saints among all of us."

The racist Ashley Williams said, "if you were being chased by a bear and you had to ditch your dog to be eaten so you can get away, you would do it right? We have to look for humanities' interest first. I don't like all these aliens on our ship."

Although for an alien from another planet to even make first contact with humans is a near impossibility.

You know that time exists only relative to the plant you are on right?

So in space, time supposedly travels faster.
Relative to what's around you.

So if you were to leave for Mars and travel back to Earth, what was only 80 years for you relatively, was possibly 300 years back on Earth. Just a wild guess.

Only a device like the Mass Effect Relays break those barriers of space and time and allow 'real time' FTL traveling. *by shrinking you down to an atom so you can travel faster.

So yes, I do believe there are aliens, as well as multiple Earths!
With other humans!

But for us to simply be visited THAT easily? Not likely.

Because such technology practically break the laws of our known physics.

And if another universe has different physics, they would not be able to exist properly in our own universe.

As we ourself are practically bond to Earth. Living on another planet is impossible right now. Not without ridiculous dedication and artificial gravity to mimic Earth completely.

If a child was born in space, just like in WALLE, we'd have MASSIVE bone loss to the point where we'd evolve into Jelly like blobs.

And a person born on a planet with low gravity, our bone structure would mimic similar to what Roswell depiction of aliens are.


Here are some interesting videos about Aliens Jordan!

Visiting other Stars

Born in Space

Mass Effect Codex


2013-05-16 20:27:06

Yes. It's been stated over and over how doubtful it is that we would be the only living things in the universe, so I don't think I can add much that hasn't already been said in regards to that. Nothing can change my mind on this subject.


2013-05-19 07:45:33

You should listen to Coast to Coast (if you don't already) Steven Greer was on last week talking all about the disclosure project. Pretty dope.


2013-07-15 18:01:42

I have been surfing the Internet for many years to learn the truth about UFOs,
and wanted to share the most interesting links I have found so far:
1. (12 Americans visit planet 'Serpo' for 13 years.) (Also search Amazon for 'Serpo' for at least two incredible books)
2. (A French man is visited by an alien of the most advanced race of aliens, the Elohim, who it turns out genetically engineered man!)


2013-08-24 02:54:44

Have you thought that to many other living things, even the animals,that we are the 'aliens'. I even seen a lot of animations, even movies trying to convey such message to us. Such as Pahgawk's animation called One of us, the movie Planet 51, Area 51 and even the documentary Ancient Aliens said that we might be the descendants of aliens from outside Earth. To me personally, we ourselves being alive itself is the proof that there is high possibility of other life outside Earth.


2013-09-03 20:47:32

What do you mean? We ARE the aliens!