Spirit Science 13!

2012-01-09 16:43:34 by RiverJordan

Spirit Science 13_1 is out, and we are back to doing weekly Spirit Science! The next several episodes will be dedicated to talking about crystals, and after that we can break out into some real trippy stuff! :D

Also, if you haven't seen The Atlantis King, he is the new animated Character who is now making regular appearances in Patch Parables and Spirit Science. Here's a video he has done, and I am actually in Australia right now living at his house with him :P Were gonna go questing together!

Spirit Science 13!


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2012-01-09 17:13:46

Even with only 1 terms worth of A-level psychology i know that video misrepresents studies. 7/+-2 chunks of information is an estimate for the capacity of short term memory in the mutli-store-model of memory and isn't an anything to do with how much information we can sense or experience. As usual you and your accomplices work is misinformation and psuedo science quoting whatever random studies you can find that you think furthers your agenda. I gave your flash a 0.

RiverJordan responds:

That's cool. I'm not here to tell you what to believe, but just to open people up to an alternate perspective that modern society refuses to acknowledge. Truth is, i've experienced a lot through working with crystals, and my studies on them have shown to me that there is more to them than meets the eye at first glance.

You can pick out one thing and decide to hate on the video because of your one disagreeance, but ultimately i feel if you do that you're missing the bigger picture of what i'm trying to discuss.


2012-01-09 19:31:44

thanks man! I was really starting to miss these.,

great episode. for some reason they always put me at ease.
Im a huge believer of magnet therapy so crystal therapy isnt far off in my eyes.

I would love to see one of those crystal skulls in person though, and just hold one.

Btw.. Optimus Prime basically has a crystal skull in his chest!. The creation matrix holds all the memories and wisdoms of the Past Primes!

true story!

RiverJordan responds:

Awesome! I'm so happy to hear that :D Man the guys who made transformers really knew some intense stuff when they wrote it all didn't they ;)


2012-01-09 21:18:32

Can't help but think back to all the games I played in the 16 bit era, there was a frequent recurring theme between all of them, most of which were by Japanese developers. Look:

Begins with natural paradise.
Transitions through various locales, until...
reaching a dominion of overabundant with machines and malicious/unstable technologies, often built with selfish intent, by...
the villian, who has no love and is driven by power lust and greed.
The hero uses his tenacity and powers to drive away the villian and his heartless forces, and destroys his fortress of technology. Usually this machine or machines may be powered by some sacred source of energy, like crystals or living creatures, which damages the ecosystem and results in some kind of disease or oppression. Having eliminated these threats, a utopia or era of peace is ushered in.

Sonic, Sparkster, Ristar, Kirby, Rayman, Ecco, Final Fantasy VII, to name a few. I bet you or others could easily name a lot more.
They all have concepts in parallel with everything you have talked about in Spirit Science, especially Ep 12. Do you think these developers knew something we didn't? Could it be a trauma that reoccurs in our consciousness over and over?

RiverJordan responds:

Could be! Perhaps we keep telling the same stories over and over because it's so active in our awareness because its exactly our story and what were experiencing!


2012-01-10 03:49:28



2012-01-10 09:33:45

You are batshit crazy, my friend. and that would be fine if you weren't spreading this crap like it's, in any way, credible information. Stop dumbing down our collective society. Reality is not subjective, and the sooner we all agree on what is real and what isn't, the sooner we can start fixing the issues across the world.

RiverJordan responds:

I prefer to think of it as bringing an alternate view of the world to people who are at a place consciously that do not feel that the current worldview is working. Were ultimately killing ourselves and working against nature, destroying the planet. In a natural state of evolution, we should be like in Avatar, growing harmonically with our planet, instead of fighting it in our own personal glory.


2012-01-10 16:06:30

you talk too fast


2012-01-29 19:05:25

Almost forgot about the show, onward to watching more Spirit Science, then homework >.> :P


2012-02-05 10:21:17

nice one mon, you are really bashing out these Spirit Sciences! have great respect for you putting so much time into what you believe in. Hope everything is going well and Australia is a good experience!


2012-02-05 10:25:35

also @leftovers - this stuff is no more crazy than people believing Jesus Christ walked on water and returned from the dead. Its a theory that some people believe in, you dont have to. At least he's not knocking on your door and shoving these ideas down your throat like some religions do - you came across his videos/userpage by your own choice, no ones telling you to watch it.


2012-02-06 03:23:04

Jey, Jordan? I may have mentioned this before on one of your videos, but I hope you do reply. I am very much curious to hear your thoughts on water and other things that flow. Is there any chance you'll be doing an episode on it?


2012-02-08 14:57:52

The Chinese curse of "Hope you live in interesting times", seems to becoming true for all of us. I'm sure that's the case w/ your host in Australia...
There are three sides to truth: your truth, the other guy's truth and the real truth in the middle. You'll find as you amass more data and experiences in the world (with or without the all-encompassing hand of Fate), your concepts of reality will vacillate to all three sides of the truth.
Slow your role, publish what truth seems dead center and reconfirm things/facts as you continue your studies.
Hope you get over to the NG NYC meet this May. Any thoughts on communal auras? Las Vegas freaked me out... fear and loathing and such (Hunter Thompson).


2012-02-20 21:41:11

just a little food for thought-- some intresting thing transpire when placing a crystal on your cell phone Ive found that by only using the speaker function ...ie to keep the crystal between me and the phone the calls are more....well more pleasant not even on average but just in general-- Ive had several serous conversations that had come to quick and resolved conclusions that quickly became more...well pleasant-- just some food for thought


2012-04-13 12:58:14

dude These guys stole your whole edutainment animation angle
http://penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/kinect-di sconnect

If I were you id astral project my ass into their office all lawyered up, and sue